Charleston History Walk -- 120 minutes

All Ages • 2 Hours • Great for Groups!

Adult - $34.00 + tax
Ages 12+

Child - $19.00 + tax
Ages 6-11

Ages 5 & under - $0.00 + tax

Private Tour - $550.00 + tax
Up to 20 People

A Wonderful Walking Tour to Learn About the History of Charleston!


2 Hours


Join us for a stroll through the French Quarter, down to Rainbow Row, down to the High Battery. You will view mansions facing the Ashley & Cooper Rivers, historical churches, and beautiful gardens. All the while, your tour guide will share with you the history of the innovative and eclectic people that formed Charleston. You will take a trip through time as you learn about the founding of the "Holy City", slavery, revolts, revolutions, wars, monumental achievements, and everything in between. Your licensed Charleston tour guide will share with you stories of some of the most revolutionary people and historical moments that influenced not only Charleston, but the nation. We invite you to explore an in-depth look at Charleston beyond the single house and stone paved streets.

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Our tour guides are not only licensed with the City of Charleston and versed in Charleston and American History. They also are showmen. Backgrounds in theater, directing, writing, and entertaining. No drab lectures on our tours. Your tour guide will greet you excited to not only educated but also entertain you!

1 in 6 Children in the Low Country are left fighting hunger daily. We believe in giving back to the community as much as we do in sharing our rich history and culture with our visitors. A portion of all sales go toward the fight against child hunger.

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