**Private** Charleston Harbor BYOB Boat Tour

Starting at $600 | 2 hours | Up to 15 guests!

Locally owned and family operated boat touring company located in Charleston SC

Two-Hour Private Charter - $600.00 + tax
Up to 18 People! | Ages 21+

Three-Hour Private Charter - $900.00 + tax
Up to 15 People!

Four-Hour Private Charter - $1,200.00 + tax
Up to 18 People! | Ages 21+

Five-Hour Private Charter - $1,500.00 + tax
Up to 15 People!

Six-Hour Private Charter - $1,800.00 + tax
Up to 15 People!

There is no better way to see the Charleston than on the Private Charleston harbor BYOB Boat Tour!

Rates & Options

2-Hour Private Charter:

  • Up to 10 People: $600
  • Any additional person (up to 15 total): $60 per person
  • 20% for the captain and first mate


This fun and unique boat ride is the only way to explore the Charleston harbor while having some cold refreshments!

During our 2 hour tour you will board our brand new 28ft one of a kind Carolina skiff. After you’ve settled in, grab your favorite cold beverage or snack and we will begin our cruise down the Ashley River to the beautiful historic homes in downtown Charleston overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Along the way we will enjoy the sights and the sounds of beautiful marsh birds, dolphins, and other Lowcountry wildlife. Once we spot dolphin swimming we will stop the boat to watch and enjoy them in their natural habitat. When we are ready we will continue the cruise to the USS Yorktown where we will stop to take pictures of one of the country’s most historic landmarks. After enjoying the sights of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and the historic USS Yorktown we will continue on our leisurely cruise back to the marina where we will continue to enjoy the views that Charleston has to offer.

Our boat tours are the best way to cover a large area of the local waterways and search for dolphins, shorebirds, and other exciting wildlife. During the boat tour we regularly see Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, pelicans, ospreys, crabs, otters and much more!

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