Family-Friendly Ghost Tour

1.5 Hours - All Ages

Holy City History Tours has been dedicated since our founding to telling the stories of the women and men who were written out of the history books.

We bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment. Each tour showcases Charlestonians who endured enormous hardships, overcame nearly impossible circumstances, and helped propel society into the future. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes you feel awe-inspired.

With each tour, we aim to give each guest a real and authentic experience of Charleston and its history.

Person - $35.00 + tax

Private Group - $280.00 + tax

It's A Ghost Story!


1.5 Hours


Admission to the Halsey Gallery of Contemporary Art at 161 Calhoun Street.

Admission to the Philip Simmons House at 30-1/2 Blake Street.


It's a ghost tour where you you'll be taught how to see a ghost!

We start our experience in the haunted Charleston City Market. Briefly learn about how the Market was the center of Charleston's economy and how the ghosts of the past still haunt its walls.

Next, we walk around the corner to St. Philip's Church graveyard where you'll be taught how to see a ghost! Stand in front of the most photographed ghost in the United States and the most robbed grave in Charleston.

From the graveyard, we walk down Philadelphia Alley, a gunfighters alley, where robber barons, merchants, and businessmen met their fate. Hear the stories of those that perished, and learn why some still haunt the alley to this day.

What to Bring

  • Suitable shoes for walking
  • Water bottle
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