Strong Women of the South History Tour

2 Hours • All Ages

Holy City History Tours has been dedicated since our founding to telling the stories of the women and men who were written out of the history books.

We bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment. Each tour showcases Charlestonians who endured enormous hardships, overcame nearly impossible circumstances, and helped propel society into the future. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes you feel awe-inspired.

With each tour, we aim to give each guest a real and authentic experience of Charleston and its history.

Person - $35.00 + tax

Private Group - $280.00 + tax

Charleston's Premier Women's History Tour!


2 Hours


Admission to the Halsey Gallery of Contemporary Art at 161 Calhoun Street.

Admission to the Philip Simmons House at 30-1/2 Blake Street.


The Strong Women of the South History Tour is an exploration of historical Charleston from the perspective of the founding mothers and women of every color who contributed to our Great American Dream. Along the way, you will discover the beautiful truth: Charleston is the matriarchal capital of the western world, a city once owned and controlled by women.

Rated as a top Airbnb experience by Charleston Weddings Magazine, this tour is perfect for bachelorettes, couples, locals, and tourists who are looking for something more than a generic city tour.

Our exploration begins at the alleged execution site of America's First Female Serial Killer. We stand in the spot where she met her fate and hear her story. Then, you get to decide: was she really a serial killer or a woman protecting her rights!

Next, we visit the homes and sites of the “Old Maids," Women’s Rights Activists, Printers, Artisans, Madams, Shopkeepers, and Plantation owners while discovering their contributions and conundrums, all written over by modern history. Together, we will roll back time, and see the world from the perspective of women in their time.

Last, we visit the homes and shops of the women who built this great city. We will hear their stories in the contemporary voice of their times. Together, we will smash the myth of the "Fainting Southern Belle," the "Woman behind the man," and Chattel Slavery.

Join us for an exploration, an awakening, and an empowerment trip through time.

What to Bring

  • Suitable shoes for walking
  • Water bottle
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