Candlelight Tours of Drayton Hall

For all ages! • 2 Hours

General Admission - $55.00 + tax
All ages

Friend of Drayton Hall - $50.00 + tax
DHPT members will be required to show current membership and valid ID upon entry.

Create a very special historic memory this year in Charleston, SC. Take a candlelight tour of Charleston, SC’s historic estate, Drayton Hall ca. 1738.


2 Hours


Beautiful and moving, this eighteenth century historic house is the oldest untouched home open to the public in the United States. On select dates, Drayton Hall will be open for these reservation-only guided Candlelight Tours to a limited number of guests on the dates below.

Experience Drayton Hall at night with these incredibly special candlelight experiences. This is a remarkable way to understand the house and the lives which touched it – and historic Charleston – from the perspective of a preserved colonial home.

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