9:30am-11:30am Morningtide Sail  M-Th $450.00

2 Hours • Up to 6 Passengers • Ages 12+


Whether you prefer the sounds of sails in the wind or the putter of an engine, Direction Yacht Charters provides you with a memorable experience. Captain John is a gentle soul with an infectious smile and laugh who ensure safety and a great time. Captain John holds a U.S. Coast Guard Masters 50 ton Captain's License, a Certified First Responder.

Private Charter - $450.00 + tax
Up to 6 people • Ages 12+

Start the day off right with a mid-morning sail!

Times & Duration

2 Hours


Sit back and relax as you sail through the harbor and see Charleston from a unique point of view. As a native, Captain John will educate you on the real local history and enlighten you with many harbor secrets. All non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are complimentary. Dolphins may or may not be included!

Health and Safety Policy


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