Moonlight Cruise Tour

Ranging from $450-$550 • All Ages! • 2 and 3 Hour Options • Up to 6 People

Try something out of the ordinary to reset, relax, and change the way you do your time off!

Two Hour Private Charter - $450.00 + tax
All Ages • Up to 6 Passengers

Three Hour Private Charter - $550.00 + tax

Hop aboard the "Scout" for a moonlit or starlit cruise to take in Charleston's bests sights at night! A truly unique adventure to explore and sightsee along the enchanted waterways under the moon and the stars. Wind through the historic rivers that have ebbed and flowed for centuries and enjoy the lights along the old battery wall, the USS Yorktown, the Cooper River Bridge, and the most certainly haunted Old Carolina Yachtclub. You might even see a shooting star, or even more rare, bioluminescence in the water lit by tiny organisms escaping from predators. Get out with your crew for an adventure like no other!

Health and Safety Policy

Your health is our top priority, and we have put special measures in place to keep all guests safe both during and after your activity.

  • Stringent Cleaning - We’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting surfaces and high traffic areas between each tour, and hand sanitizer will be available to all of our guests.
  • Social Distancing - Guests will stay at a safe 6-foot distance during all points of the tour. We also ensure that all staff members will be wearing the necessary PPE.
  • Wellness Checks - Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour.

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